What does an SEO consultant do?

SEO Consulting is a popular service with many B2B but also some B2C companies: SEO Consulting translates as: “Search engine optimization consultation” and describes the process of specialist advice in the field of ranking optimization in search engines such as Google or Bing. The set goal: The sustainable and organic increase in search engine visibility.

In this blog post we would like to bring you closer to the work of an SEO consultant in SEO consulting and show you how a professional SEO consultant controls the optimization process.

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The duties of an SEO Consultant

The core service of an SEO consultant is specialist advice in the field of search engine optimization and its sub-disciplines. The consulting fields are in the area of ​​SEO OnPage, SEO OffPage and technical search engine optimization. In addition to these areas, there should also be in-depth knowledge of content marketing in order to map the editorial side of search engine optimization.

Assuming the specific know-how, an SEO consultant analyzes the current situation of a page and identifies optimization fields as part of an SEO audit. These optimization fields are clustered down in SEO measures and sorted according to cost-benefit ratio. This results in a guide for the website operator with recommendations for action to adapt their own website.

Depending on the agreement with the SEO consultant or his SEO agency, there are different approaches to design the consulting process. We would like to present our process to you as an example.

SEO Consulting: The consulting process at webjuice

SEO experts have the expertise for strategic and tactical issues in search engine optimization. What we lack, however: The specific knowledge of your products and services – the company is represented here with specialist expertise. In order to bundle this knowledge and get the maximum result for the consultation, we always recommend a kick-off (physical or by telephone) so that the SEO consultant gets a feel for your business model and the target group to be reached. This way, we can create a customized SEO strategy specific for the needs of your business.

1.) The SEO Kick-Off Meeting

In the kick-off meeting the SEO consultant collects information about the business model, the target group, relevant keywords, promoted products or services and other relevant information.

This information is required to get an exact picture of the current situation in the market. Competitors also play a decisive role in analyzing the situation in the market. Within this meeting its also good to let the SEO consultant know about any previous SEO work that might have been done before (i.e. specific keywords to target, any backlinking/PR efforts done before etc.)

2.) The SEO audit

With the information about the company and the market situation, the SEO consultant can now start the project. Our first priority is usually the SEO audit. Here we check the current situation on the basis of various factors and identify areas that can potentially be expanded. This audit is done for the entire site or domain and key indicators and factors are collected to gain knowledge of the status quo of the website.

With the SEO analysis we define recommendations for action to increase visibility. The focus of the considerations is in particular on one’s own current situation and the technical optimization possibilities.

3.) The keyword analysis

In addition to recording the status quo on your own page, it is interesting to see what the market situation is like. Keyword analysis helps answer the following questions in SEO Consulting:

  • For which keywords can my page be found?
  • Are there keywords with high search volume and low competition (opportunity keywords)?
  • For which keywords can the competition be found?
  • Which keywords do we have the chance to quickly (low hanging fruits!) get to the first SERP (Search Engine Result Page)?
  • Which keywords have a transactional search intention and allow us to quickly transfer this user into a customer?

A dedicated keyword analysis and keyword research will answer these and a few other questions. It helps to do the right things in the context of search engine optimization and to use the available resources optimally. The focus here is on developing the optimal SEO strategy with the best cost-benefit ratio and, inevitably, the best ROI.

4.) The SEO strategy

With the intersection of your own current situation and the keyword analysis, the recommendation for action can then be developed in the form of the individual SEO strategy. With a defined SEO strategy, the SEO consultant determines the order of the optimization measures and monitors the development of the ranking positions with suitable SEO software.

5.) The ongoing SEO Consulting

SEO is an ongoing process that need to be closely monitored in order for it to have a positive impact. With the defined strategy and regular reporting, the knowledge transfer now takes place: The SEO consultant ensures that all relevant departments that work on the website receive the knowledge they need to better rank the website for the defined keyword optimization setting. The SEO consulting service can take place in the form of workshops and trainings at the customer’s site or via telephone conferences. In this case, it is important to distinguish it from SEO support:

As part of SEO consulting, the SEO consultant is only available to advise and provide important information on how to optimize your own website. As a rule, the SEO consultant is not operationally active in the consulting assignment. However, there are also constellations where the agency’s SEO team is used to achieve more performance.


SEO Consulting makes sense for companies that want to build up their own resources and know-how in order to use the search engine profitably for the acquisition of new customers.

A professional and structured approach by SEO consultants is crucial in order to be able to map successes here. We are happy to support you in the field of SEO consulting and bring your search engine rankings into shape. Just get in contact with us now and we can work out a customized strategy for your business.