Tailoring your Online Marketing Efforts with Customized SEO Solutions

In nowadays society, search engines deliver key answers to almost everything. Whether you are looking for simple answers to daily concerns, detailed information about technical specifications of products, or freely living your curiosity and expanding your knowledge.
82,402 Google search queries per second do not lie (Source: internetlivestats.com), thus even partially using this traffic monstrosity to your own will is crucial. Customized SEO is becoming a more profound business niche, ever since the query numbers are growing day by day. The SEO market is highly competitive, adaptive, and dynamic. There are various approaches to handle Search Engine Optimization for specific demands, which is the opposite of template-thinking, so to speak. Learn here why leaning towards an SEO consultant is a potential gateway to success on the Internet.

Not Every Website is the Same

The technicalities in the world of search queries are vast. Starting from the website architecture, the website design and going over drop-down accessibility to tiny, technical fragments, that sometimes push the website in a good ranking direction already. While most superficial mistakes are addressed straight-forwardly, seeing the website as a whole and defining it by strengths and weaknesses is a gateway of standing out from the competition. Key differentiation are as follows:

  • Website/Domain Age

The approach of newer or older websites needs to be addressed differently, which is meant as a technical objective to follow. Older sites are often outdated on written Code (e.g. HTML) and lack modern linking strategies, which can lead to not being found by search engines at all. Newer websites are less likely to suffer by technical issues, but rather drown in the vast and spammy oceans of website ranking competition. This is a major, decisive point in the early link building process.

  • Website Content

The age of content in comparison to other internal pages of a website is of key importance. Here, one can measure past successes of website pages and compare it to more recent publications. By asking questions, e.g. why the CTR of a newer page did increase/sink, or how one could improve both content and linking strategies to persevere in SEO competition.

  • Size of Business

Different businesses want different customized SEO solutions, and it often starts with the organizational size of a company. An already established enterprise tends to use SEO for self-organizational purposes, while small companies and start-ups substantially use SEO to attract and increase website trafficking.

  • Competing Locally/Globally

The business activity is a key factor to include in the process of SEO consultancy. International, ‘borderless’ Internet-oriented companies, that compete on a bigger scale, rely on SEO on a totally different way than local proprietors, which meet clients personally. Getting involved in local communities might be the focus, e.g. by hosting events and promoting, respectively running local gatherings.

  • Considering Industry Sector

A branding agency will need a special link building treatment and does not function the same way as an e-commerce store or a press association does.

Stay Optimistic, Realistic and Patient

A lot is possible in the realms of customized SEO. Sometimes small adaptations make miracles happen in a short period of time. The website might outperform all competition by the right choice of keywords and link implementations. Sometimes it does not carry fruits right away, e.g. when clear opportunities are not visible on the surface and need to be dug up by providing essential company data for SEO analysis.

The ranking success depends on a lot of factors and occasions, that simply cannot be guaranteed upon early beginning of contracting. As a client, getting in contact with an SEO consultant should look like this:

  1. Professionality. Experts are working at high capacity to understand your business to the core. They will do by asking many questions regarding the current situation, past business successes, information about the market, its co-competitors and budget.
  2. Clearness. Having set goals and visions are a great start for getting in touch with consultants. From experience, they can often say whether your expectations are fulfillable or unrealistic. 
  3. Luck. Gathering plenty, high-quality backlinks e.g. is an ongoing process, which involves a huge amount of creative actions, such as getting in contact with the right partners at the right time. Opportunities come and go. It is more about seizing them when they pass by.
  4. Positivity. In the end, you are dealing with people, who strive the best they can to push your online business accessibility ahead. Maintaining a positive and communicational attitude towards the experts will most certainly come to your benefit.