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Great Content to Drives SEO

Copywriting in quantity and keyword-stuffing is no longer a valid and effective strategy for today’s SEO strategy. Modern search engines feature complex algorithms that can differentiate between relevant and irrelevant, non-user friendly content. Thin content with an overuse of keywords can damage your brand’s standing within search results pages (SERPS) and for your target audience. Hence, writers at webjuice strategically create content that aims at satisfying the user’s search intent. We make use of cutting-edge technology and latest best-practice to create customized content to boost your online presence.


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Satisfy Searcher Intent

Search engines are no longer fooled by black hat SEO techniques and keyword-stuffing in content. Modern search functions are focused purely toward searcher intent. Your audience has questions and your content must provide answers. Our SEO experts assist you in writing various types of content, may it be blog articles, custom infographics, video productions or social media posts. Content that is written with the intent to satisfy the users search intent turns visitors into clients. 

Semantic Content Mapping

Creating content designed around ranking for single (long-tail) keywords is also no loner a promising SEO strategy to increase the visits to your site. The idea of modern content creation is to create pillar content anchored together by one webpage that provides an overview of that specific topic. These are then in turn are hyperlinked by more detailed articles that support the general topic semantically. The idea is to support the main topic with releant side topics that are semantically related and provide the user with even more, in-depth information.

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