What exactly is SEO anyways?

"5 billion searches are performed every day. be found"

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and encompasses all measures improving the quality and quantity of organic (unpaid) traffic to a website from search engines. All major search engines such as Google or Bing show primary search results wherein web pages and other content types are displayed based upon what the search engine considers most relevant to the user.

To enable your company’s products and services to appear in the top positions of Google’s search results is getting more important. Developing a customized SEO strategy is crucial for the long-term success of your online business.

Increase your website traffic and sales through customized SEO strategies.    


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Customized SEO Strategies

An important truth you need to know about SEO is that no one formula works for each company. There are many differences in trends, niches, audiences, and many other factors. Knowing how to take advantage of opportunities in the SEO sphere is what will allow your promotional efforts to flourish. You’ll stay visible, relevant, and ahead of the competition.

This all begins through professional help. We find the SEO strategy that works best for your company and tailor it to maximize the results. Our customized SEO service will have a long-lasting effect, increasing your chances of achieving your business goals. It’s time to stop struggling and find the best formula that gets your business to the next level.

A well-managed SEO strategy can help you:

Increase the visits to your website: SEO focuses on creating informative and relevant content for keywords and meta descriptions that will be displayed on search results pages. Optimizing this content helps to increase your click rates which in return leads to an increase of qualified web traffic to your site.

Provide measurable results of your company’s growth: Get a comprehensive analysis of your customer’s profile and behavior when they interact with your website. What keywords have they used to get to your website? How do they interact with your products or services?

Increase cost efficiency: SEO is a very cost-efficient focused marketing strategy which directs potential clients to your website who are actively looking for your products and/or services.

Brand awareness: Positioning your website in the top search results helps to increase the exposure of your company. Appearing in the top positions will help to associate all related searches for your specific keywords to your company.

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How Do You Create a Customized SEO Strategy?

The key to a successful tailor-made SEO strategy is collaboration. We work for weeks to months, perfecting and applying a plan for your business. SEO takes a long time to progress, but the results can benefit you for years. With our help, you know that none of your decisions and actions are going to waste.

The strategy is the center point of it all because it guides the direction of our SEO efforts. With your help, we’ll create one through:

  • Your objectives for the company
  • Timeframes and deadlines
  • An analysis of your current SEO state compared to the goals

Your goals are the center of it all. Without them, we won’t be able to use all the information available and direct them toward that goal.

WebJuice is the team you can trust when creating viable strategies that will lead your company to a better future. Contact us today, and we’ll answer any of your concerns. Our team will provide a free quote for the services we provide.

seo consultant

Why Do I Need a Customized SEO Strategy?

Reaching the top of search rankings is about relevancy and uniqueness. Google wants websites without redundancy, and with high-quality pages, and a clear purpose. However, it’s easier said than done because there are particular metrics search engines measure to find the best websites. To get a high ranking, we need to understand how Google interprets certain qualities and apply them to your website.

The advantage you’ll get is exponential growth for visitors, leads, and conversions with each rank. Here are some other reasons why you’d want to pursue customization:

  • Increased ROI
  • Increase authority and trust
  • Improve traffic numbers and quality
  • Better brand awareness
  • Gain an edge over the competition

SEO is essential for all businesses to boost their online presence. Those that neglect it get lost in the crowd. If you take the steps to use customized SEO services, you gain an edge. However, even those applying SEO strategies can falter when they lack the customization that brings their rankings to the top.

WebJuice is a recognized SEO company and understands this process and helps you build a platform for success. Contact us today and have a professional team handle all your SEO needs!

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SEO needs to be in-line with your website

By analyzing your website’s on-page structure, we make sure that all technical requirements are met to enable a solid foundation for your site to rank for specified keywords and phrases. A healthy website is a fundamental element in successfully implementing SEO.

Areas of SEO Service

seo beratung und strategie

Strategy & Consultation

SEO consulting: We advise you on all questions regarding SEO and then create tailor-made SEO strategies that best support your digital project.

seo audit

SEO Audit

We conduct an SEO audit of the website in order to uncover the optimization potential and to identify any problems.

OnPage Consultation & Optimization

We analyze your content in order to uncover any weak points and to position them better through a set of various optimizations measures.

offpage beratung

OffPage Consultation & Optimization

Backlinks are still an important part of any SEO optimization. We analyze your current backlink profile and work out new strategies in order to find organic, relevant and high-quality links for your website.

Technical SEO

We analyze your website with regard to the technical structure in order to optimize it so that it is easy to read for search engines.

seo content

SEO Content Creation

We write articles for your users, which are also created for optimal indexability and readability for search engines.

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