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"Linkbuilding Is Sweat Plus Creativity"

Linkbuilding certainly is a crucial component of any Search Engine Optimization strategy. Yet, it has to be applied with great attention and caution. This is why the combination of linkbuilding and public relations when applied in managing a campaign must serve two objectives:

Create a reputation of your website on the internet through high-quality links.

• Build-up long-term relationships with online media.

Gain high-quality links and mentions to your website

Why is linkbuilding important for SEO?

When Google bots crawl a website they extract the content of these pages and add it to their indexes. By doing so, they will then decide whether a page quality is high enough to be able to rank for relevant keywords. This decision process is not only decided by the content of the page but also by the number and quality of external links pointing to this page. The more quality links you have pointing to your site, the better this will be for your ranking. Links are basically seen as “votes” from other websites telling Google that this is a reliable source or reference. 

Yet, it alsp plays a role from what kind of websites your backlinks are coming from. Ideally, these sites should have a higher authority than yours and also have a relevancy to your business or niche and subject. What does this mean? The authority of a website or domain describes its relevance for a specific industry or subject. This relevancy will have a direct impact on the rankings of a website as assessed by the algorithms of search engines such as Google. Various tools such as Moz’s Domain Authority or Page authority score or ahrefs Domain Rating score can help you determine the strength or authority of your website in comparison to their large database of other websites. So the more relevant a backlinking website is and the higher its authority, the better this backlink will be for the authority of your website.

Based on a recent study by Uptimiser about Google’s main ranking factors we can see that links still play a major role in the algorithm and are a significant ranking factor:

This is also confirmed by another study conducted by MOZ showing that Domain-Level Link Features (e.g. quantity of links to the domain, trust/quality of links to the domain, domain-level PageRank, etc.) as well as Page-Level Link Features (e.g. PageRank, TrustRank, quantity of links, anchor text distribution, quality of link sources, etc.) still are essential search engine ranking factors.