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Coya (currently GetSafe) is a young insurtech start-up from Berlin. The company offers various types of insurance, primarily in the areas of household contents insurance, liability insurance and insurance for pets (primarily dogs and cats).

The company was already ranking for some keywords, but needed to increase positions for more relevant and converting keywords. Due to the company’s position in a highly competitive environment (insurance industry), we decided to implement a 360° strategy that includes both on-site and off-site measures.



We were able to significantly increase the company’s organic presence during the period of cooperation. This was reflected in the improved positioning of the targeted search terms and the increased conversion of the pages.

+ 221%

Increase in organic traffic within one year of implementing our measures.

+ 24

Aver. Increase the positions of the most important keywords in Google SERPS.

Top 10

Placement of 5 highly competitive product keywords (DE & EN) on the first page of Google.

"The collaboration with webjuice was a success story for us. Despite the highly competitive landscape of the insurance industry, we have managed to place our core keywords in top positions and significantly increase our organic visibility."

Javier Revilla
Sr. Product Growth Manager