Content Optimization & Localization Marriott Hotels


Marriott International is a leading global hotel chain known for its outstanding service and luxurious accommodations. Since its founding in 1927, Marriott has become a global symbol of hospitality, operating thousands of hotels and resorts in numerous countries around the world. With a wide range of brands, from budget-friendly hotels to award-winning luxury resorts, Marriott appeals to a diverse clientele.

The company operates a large number of hotels in the Caribbean & Latin American region (CALA). As the basis for all hotel-specific landing pages, the content was taken from English and translated without paying attention to local conditions, user intent & search terms. Many hotel sites have positioned themselves primarily only for English terms and for branded keywords, i.e. search terms with the Marriott brand name.



During the period of cooperation, we were able to significantly increase the organic presence of the individual hotel pages. This was reflected in the improved positioning of the targeted, non-branded search terms and the increased conversion.

+ 110%

Increase in organic traffic within one year of implementing our measures.

+ 140%

Increase in organic visibility (based on the CTR values within the top 100 for the selected search terms)

+ 120%

Increase in the proportion of top 3 search term positions