Our story

Following our entrepreneurial spirit, we created a work- and lifestyle to accommodate our passion for traveling and putting our knowledge into something meaningful. In 2015 we founded the webjuice agency with the aim of creating a platform that can help small- and medium-sized businesses establish a professional web presence. We have seen the importance and necessity of online businesses to enhance and utilize their web activities in order to foster online growth. Ever since we have increased our partnerships with companies across various industries.

Meet the founders


Passionate about everything she does, Rocio is the heart and soul of all topics related to public relations, marketing, and SEO. She brings along years of experience in PR and online marketing agencies.


Leads the creative part of the agency, focusing on topics related to web design and technical implementations. Brings along work experience from both multinational and start-up companies.

Our mission

Our mission is focused on helping our partners utilize their online presentation in order to increase the brand’s awareness, web presence, influence perception, and growth. We believe great work comes from heart, inspiration and good communication and hope to achieve this in every cooperation.

What we care about


Above all, we see the value of quality in every service that we offer. This is a fundamental basis of projects that we create with our partners.


We want to help our partners in their online growth process and see this as a priority in the work we do for them.


We believe in creating win-win situations that will benefit every stakeholder of a project and result in satisfied partners and users.

How we are structured

The webjuice team is structured according to areas of expertise. We combine the teams of 

  • Tech
  • Content
  • Outreach

which interrelate with each other in order to deliver the best results for our clients.